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About Us

Matthew Moran and Donald Smith are the owners of Veteran Amusements Inc. and it has always been our philosophy in business that relationships are everything. Without a solid relationship with a customer you have no loyalty, and without loyalty you will not have a solid foundation to maintain a consistent service. In today’s business environment, the value of a solid relationship is grossly unattended. We believe in what we do, and every bit of our heart is in it.

Our marketing focus will mainly be concentrated in the bar and restaurant scene. The age range for Internet jukebox sales lies mostly in the 21-34 year old demographic. We provide a modern and technically sophisticated jukebox that is unmatched and completely ahead of its time. Our customers will be more than satisfied with the quality of music we can provide to them. We do all of our own professional installations that are very carefully coordinated. Our Bose speakers are placed and mathematically positioned to provide the best sound quality imaginable.

We believe our industry is lacking the curve of technology associated with good principles of business. It is important that our customers are considered as part of the family, and with their participation with the “Songs for Soldiers” program, they are making a difference in people’s lives that have given so much in the defense of our country and what we stand for. It is our goal to bring the industry over the top, and make people aware that we can make a difference with the “Songs for Soldiers” program.

Company Strengths: We are veterans in the Amusement and Vending industry with over 35 years of business experience combined. We are best friends as well as business partners and when we get motivated there is nothing that stops us from achieving our goals. We believe in what this program stands for and it should be a “no brainer” for others to want to be a part of it. The main factor that will make this program succeed is heart, and we have a lot of it.

Coin Operated Amusement and ATMs - Tri-State Area



We can put an ATM Machine in your location at no cost to you. We also load the machine with cash so it doesnt affect your cash flow.


Arcade Games

Whether you are looking for a few games or a whole arcade, we have you covered, with a wide range of games to choose from.

Background Music Systems

Internet Jukeboxes

Veteran Amusements installs only top of the line Digital Jukeboxes from TouchTunes.

Pool Tables

Pool Tables

We provide cue sticks, balls, and all other accessories for your pool tables, plus bill acceptors to help take a burden off of your staff..

Gaming Machines

Redemption Cranes

A candy crane or Redemption piece is a great option! We can fill these machines with just about anything.

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